Automatic Gyroscopic Mixer Multispeed

Maximum container height

490 mm

Maximum container weight

40 kg

Bottom plate


Basket clamping


Technical description of the product:

The automatic gyroscopic mixer Multispeed was designed to satisfy the need of mixing containers up to 490mm tall.

Mixer features:

  • Mixing of the product in closed containers
  • Access to the mixing area through rolling shutter
  • Extractable bottom loading plate to simplify the positioning of the container
  • Automatic clamping system
  • Mixing speed automatically assigned according to container height
  • Repositioning of the clamping system at zero point at the end of the mixing cycle
  • Customizable mixing parameters through display panel
  • Acceleration and deceleration during the cycle for optimal mixing results
  • Clockwise rotation of the basket
  • Minimum and maximum container height: 90 – 410mm

Gyroscopic mixers are distinguished by their double rotation axis and the mixing of the product in closed containers. The main distinction in this category is between automatic and semi-automatic.

Automatic gyroscopic mixers feature an automatic clamping system, and an automatically-set mixing speed according to the height of the container; while semi-automatic gyroscopic mixers feature a manual clamping system, and the speed is manually set by the user.

Excellence in mixing

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