Automatic Gyroscopic Mixer Multispeed INK

Maximum container height

270 mm

Maximum container weight

4,5 kg

Bottom plate


Basket clamping


Technical description of the product:

The automatic gyroscopic mixer Multispeed INK has been designed to satisfy the need of mixing high-viscosity products in small containers; unlike the other automatic gyroscopic mixers, it has a smaller clamping mechanism which allows higher mixing speeds with the same power consumption.

Mixer features:

  • Mixing of the product in closed containers
  • Access to the mixing area through rolling shutter
  • Fixed bottom loading plate to allow working with the conveyor roller
  • Automatic clamping system
  • Mixing speed automatically assigned according to container height
  • Repositioning of the clamping system at zero point at the end of the mixing cycle
  • Customizable mixing parameters through display panel
  • Acceleration and deceleration during the cycle for optimal mixing results
  • Clockwise rotation of the cradle
  • Minimum and maximum container height: 90 – 270 mm

Gyroscopic mixers are distinguished by their double rotation axis and the mixing of the product in closed containers. The main distinction in this category is between automatic and semi-automatic.

Automatic gyroscopic mixers feature an automatic clamping system, and an automatically-set mixing speed according to the height of the container; while semi-automatic gyroscopic mixers feature a manual clamping system, and the speed is manually set by the user.

Excellence in mixing

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