Immersion mixer Lateral Autostirrer

Maximum container height

430 mm

Maximum container weight

40 kg



Technical description of the product:

The Lateral Autostirrer allows the entry of cans in the mixing area through the lateral conveyor rollers. The frontal access with double sliding door allows the user to change the impeller and perform routine maintenance.

Main features:

  • Recommended for mixing high-viscosity products or repetitive color mixing
  • Product mixing in open cans
  • 4 operational phases for optimal product mixingCleaning phase of the impeller shaft at the end of the mixing cycle
  • Different impellers available, quickly interchangeable
  • Impeller drops saving device
  • Automatic clamping system with ergonomic clamps for oval and round containers
  • Panel operator allows the personalization of the mixing parameter
  • Up to 30 customizable mixing programs
  • Electronic board located on the right side of the machine for easier maintenance
  • Customizable logo on the frontal removable panel

Immersion mixers work with open containers and were born to improve the mixing of high-viscosity products and repetitive colors.

Excellence in mixing

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